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If you have never tried pole dancing, this is where your journey begins. You will learn the fundamentals of pole dance technique and strength training that will prepare you to join our beginner level classes. We recommend that you take Intro to Pole 3-5 times before moving on. Please wear shorts or pants that can be rolled up to expose the back of your knees. Please note this Training Program does not update or change like the other Programs. These are foundational moves we teach to move on to POLE 1 and will not update until you have moved on to POLE 1.

If you have tried pole dancing before and are comfortable with walking, basic spins and pole crunches then this beginner level pole dance training program is right for you. You will learn how to spin, climb, and move smoothly up, down, and around the pole. This is the level where you will begin to dance in the air for the first time while building the strength you will need to prepare for inverted techniques.

If you feel comfortable with Pole 1 and are ready to invert or you are already performing basic inversions, then this intermediate pole dance training program is right for you. You will continue to learn more advanced climbs, spins, and floor work variations while building the strength and confidence necessary to perfect and advance your inversion technique.

If you feel comfortable with Pole 2 and aerial inversions, then this intermediate-advanced pole dance training program is right for you. Level 3 will bring your abilities to the next level with power spins, more advanced inversions, and challenging holds which involve fewer and/or smaller points of contact. You will learn how to bring all the skills you’ve acquired together to execute both dynamic and fluid aerial combinations.

No equipment at home? No problem! Our Floor training program covers Flexibility, Core and Liquid Motion. These classes are designed to suit all levels. Flex classes teach you proper and safe technique to enhance your flexibility. Core classes will help you build strength and coordination to compliment your pole and aerial practice. Liquid Motion utilizes basic dance theory and sensual movement to build a foundation in floor work.

If you have tried aerial hoop (lyra) before and are comfortable performing unassisted trapeze, straddle and side mounts then this beginner level aerial hoop training program is right for you.  If you have tried aerial silk before and are able to perform a basic climb and create foot locks on both sides unassisted in the air then this beginner level aerial silk training program is right for you. You will learn and practice various shapes and poses utilizing the hoop or silk, gradually progressing into fluid aerial sequences.



Enjoy exclusive, limited-run LIVE classes with your favorite B&P Online instructors, included in your Membership! 


Date & Time:
Live from Honolulu
Saturday, January 28,
2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

Come and learn to seamlessly transition between the floor and the pole. Rika will teach a pole combo with beginner friendly spins and tricks.

Level 1 and up.

Class Needs:

Class links will be sent to you 24 hours before the workshops begins via your registered email. Please take note of your time zone!

Classes are held via video conference, so you will need a good wifi connection, and a laptop, desktop, or tablet to stream the class.


Sensual Basework Pt. 2

with Lana Morgana

Sensual Basework Pt. 1

with Lana Morgana

Let's Dance Pt. 3

with Ayesha Agogo

Keep it Moving Pt. 2

with Ayesha Agogo

It's All in the Details Pt. 1

with Ayesha Agogo

Handsprings & Handstands Pt. 3

with Kuku Velvet

Handsprings & Handstands Pt. 2

with Kuku Velvet

Handsprings & Handstands Pt. 1

with Kuku Velvet

Heels Series: Heels Queen

with Kris Shten

Heels Series: Do it on the Floor

with Kris Shten

Explore the Pole Series Week 2

with Lorenza Perrone

Explore the Pole Series Week 3

with Lorenza Perrone

Active Flex Series Week 1

with Rossana Montalvo

Active Flex Series Week 2

with Rossana Montalvo

Active Flex Series Week 3

with Rossana Montalvo

Bedroom Dance

with Yvonne Smink

Exflooration Series Week 1

with Michelle Sorensen

Exflooration Series Week 2

with Michelle Sorensen

Exflooration Series Week 3

with Michelle Sorensen

Slinky Series Week 1

with Wes Marx

Slinky Series Week 2

with Wes Marx

Slinky Series Week 3

with Wes Marx

Low Flow

with Estefania Jiménez

Static Spins

with Estefania Jiménez


with Daphne Lux


with Wes Marx

Sexy Flohh

with Matthew Aldini

Dancey Pole Flows

with Sergia Louise Anderson

Edgework Play

with Lana Morgana

Dominate Tricks

with Divine Em


with Marilyn

Floor Fu@!kery

with Sunny


with Fiyastarta

Bad and Boujee

with Vanessa and Natasha

Hell on heelz

with Ayla Goodson


with Chris Talbot

Spin Flow and Flourish

with Tata Gabor

Pole Flow

with Betty Le Blanc

Acro Pole Fusion

with Charlotte Robertson

No Invert Pole

with Amélie Viot

Dark Heels Flow

with Elizabeth Gayduk

Base and Floor

with Amy Hazel

Tranquil Flow

with Jolene Rivera

Spin on Static Pole

with Karem Gutierrez

Flow Pole Dance

with Alis Burning Heel

Pole Shapes

with Evgeny Greshilov

Conditioning & Combos

with Skittles

Spinny Flowy

with Minnie Kim

Low Rider

with Heather Williams

Lets Get Twisted

with Topher Bousquet

Pole Jam

with Maja Pirc


with Marlo Fisken

The Perfect Bridge

with Callum Stevens

Acrobatic Static Transition

with Marcin Miller

Artistic Choreo

with Laszlo Major

Dynamic Pole

with Katie Martinez

Fusion Pole Class

with Olga Trifonova

Liquid Motion

with Jeni Janover

Low Sexy Flow

with Lauren Elise

Liquid Motion Week 2

with Jeni Janover

Pole Oona K Style

with Oona Kivela


with Dalijah Franklin


with Rebecca Star

Low Flow Fundamentals

with Nesli the Chocolate

Pole Partnering

with Marlo Fisken

Electric Chair

with Crystal Belcher


with Brandon Grimm

Acrobatic Sexy Pole

with Doris Arnold

Spinning Pole'Ogrpahy

with Che Torras

Static and Spin Pole

with Amy Henderson

Static and Spin Flow

with M. Julia Aguiar

Bad Ass Floor Tricks

with Jakub Kolasa

Floor F*ckery

with Suwasit

Contemporary Pole

with Jorge Lera

Edgework Basics

with Judy Gray


with Ryan Daniel Beck

Pole Giratario

with Yessy Cure

Active Flexibility

with Rossana Montalvo

Long and Strong

with Johanna Sapakie

Pole Meets Chair

with Tamara Koppe

Smooth and Fluid

with Carolina Ramos


with Steven Retchless


with Stela Novaes

Continuous Climbs and Deathly Descents

with Bailey Hart

Contemporary Art with my Pole

with Johanna Sapakie

Pole Essentials

with Liz epp


with Prana

Move Without Moving

with Aggie Ng

Acro Pole Floor

with Lorenza Perrone


with Michelle Stanek

Feel Good Footwork

with Tracee Kafer

Wild Slink

with Dalton Rhodes

Insta Trix

with Dan Rosen

Pole Dance Musicality

with Sammy Wong

Texas Twerkshop

with Shay Jones


with Holly Butler

Low Flow Combo

with Yvonne Smink

Ballet Pole

with Tara Meyer

Low Flow Heels

with Jacquie Thomas


with Nia

Wicked Wednesday

with Michelle Sorensen

Serpentine Series

with Blaine Patrovia

Hybrid Static Elements

with Lisette krol


with Jazzy K

Flow & Twerk

with Jazz

Leg Extensions

with Estefania Jimenez

Low Flow Storytelling

with Kennady Schneider

Low Flow Transitions

with "Toni" Kayla Walker

Deep Stretch

with Zixy Zhang

Low Pole Combo

with Yukari

Melt - Flow in Heels

with India Bohanna

Middle Split

with Emil Valentino

Pole Combos

with Hanka Venselaar

Sexy Flowy Floorwork

with Karol Helms

Spin Fluidity

with JBall

Fluid Flow

with Dakota Fox

Cardio Flow

with Matthew Aldini

Pole Puzzles

with Vane Lunatica

Primal Low Flow

with Patricia Yndigoyen

Pole Sits

with Candace Cane

Wild Card

with Jordan Kensley

Low Flow on Heels

with Wes Marx

Active Legs

with Rossana Montalvo

Static to Spin

with Neta Lee Levy

Acro Pole Floor

with Lorenza Perrone

Sensual Pole

with Vika Chapaikina

Acro Pole

with Tabatha Moretti

Mellow Gravity

with Martina Storti

Effortless Transitions

with Kam


with Dalton Rhodes

Slinky Floorwork

with Crystal Gibson

Get Low

with Boris Kynonesz

Stretching and Conditioning

with Elizabeth Muñoz Castro

Drizzle and Drip

with Sarah Polerina

Trending Moves

with Bex Ackland

Intentional Pole Flow

with Devon

Erotic Old School

with Yoko

Old School Pole Dance

with Flying Laura

Fierce in Heels

with Terri Fierce

Explore the Pole Series Week 1

with Lorenza Perrone

Heels Series: Pole Sleek

with Kris Shten

Acro Pole Flow

with Lisette Krol